Rentals4U: A Nitty Gritty Consulting Service

COST: $9950

($5000 due at start / $4950 from closing proceeds)

If you're ready to own rentals then we can help you buy rental property the right way!

Buying your first rental can be a difficult and confusing process.

Even after reading books or taking classes most people will still be uncertain how to proceed with confidence.

The good news is that we've been in the rental business for years and we can personally guide you through the entire process of buying a rental property THE RIGHT WAY.

Our process is efficient and cost-effective.

We have been helping clients and personally investing in single family rental properties since 2007.

We have purchased, rehabbed and rented over 100 rental properties.

We help you with each step of the process from identifying the home, getting it inspected, purchased, rehab and getting it rented.

We'll even help you manage the little hick-ups that will inevitably occur along the way.


  • Service available in any market in the USA or Canada!
  • We do our best to recoup your $9950 fee with property equity! *
  • Doesn't matter if you are a new or experienced investor!
  • Can be as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as you like!
  • General time-frame to completion of project is 60-120 days!
  • A way to “learn the ropes” while also gaining a profitable rental!

STEP 1: Free Consultation & Evaluation Call

We will discuss our investment approach, your investment goals, your expectations for a rental, market, price range, type of home, financing – and we'll also address any questions, curiosities, and concerns you may have.

Buying a rental is not right for all investors, and we want to ensure that you have realistic expectations, the proper reserves, and the temperament for owning rentals. If we feel that you aren’t a good candidate for rentals, we will let you know. Our goal is to set up for success, and it starts with an honest, upfront evaluation.

STEP 2: Sign Contract

If you are interested in moving forward then we will sign a contract. The contract will outline the terms of our agreement, confirm your strategy, market, property type, budget, and all other details of the desired rental property goal. It is important that everything is documented so there are no misunderstandings.

Here is how the payment schedule works: $5,000 will be due when the contract is signed, then the remaining $4950 will be due at closing when you purchase the house. From there we will proceed forward through the process as follows.

STEP 3: Identify Investment Opportunities

We will locate suitable investment properties and perform due diligence. We will present you with several homes to choose from. We will explain all of the steps that go into selecting the right home for you. We will also explain the pros and cons for the top choices.

Some of the factors we consider are schools, curb appeal, beds and baths, garage, square footage, age of the homes, proximity to schools and colleges, public transportation, future appreciation, how much it will rent for, taxes, days on the market, the price relative to other homes in the area, how many repairs are needed, how are the other homes on the block and purchase price relative to how much rent it can generate.

If the property looks to be viable and we all agree, then we will move forward with procurement of the property.

STEP 4: Rehab the Property

The property will be rehabbed by a vetted & experienced contractor. We will collect their insurance, workman’s comp, licenses, and lien waivers before the final payment. Payments are made using draw schedules. Before the draw is released the home inspector will ensure that the work has been completed properly and done to code.

The inspector will prepare a report for what was reviewed. We will send you pictures throughout the process. We will do our best to stay on budget and on time. The homes are rehabbed to be safe and comfortable for the tenants. We recommend spending a little bit extra to make your home stand out. If your home is in the top 10% in the area you will always rent it faster and the tenants will stay longer.

STEP 5: Find & Place Tenant

An experienced & vetted property manager will find you a suitable tenant. We look for high-quality, long-term tenants to help ensure that the property will be well cared for while also minimizing the amount of turnover.

The tenant will have a thorough background check including credit score, evictions, criminal history and past rental history. We get a copy of their bank statement to ensure they have proper reserves. We do a thorough interview with the tenant to make sure they will be a good tenant for you. We try to find tenants that make at least 3 times the rental amount.

We try our best to maintain a great relationship once the tenant is in place. Before the tenant is selected you can review their paperwork to ensure that you accept the tenant. When you first get started you want to work with an experienced property manager. They will ensure that the fair housing laws are followed. We'll share tips with you to keep the tenant happy and have them stay in the home as long as possible.

STEP 6: Ongoing Support

We will be there to assist & advise when needed.

There will inevitably be bumps in the road that must be overcome when owning rentals, and we are there to be your support system along the way.

We love helping investors get started with owning rental properties because, in our opinion, there's no better to build long-term financial strength, cash-flow, and a lifestyle of freedom than getting into the business of owning rental property.

To set up a free consultation call, email [email protected]
Please use the subject line "RENTAL4U".