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Hi - I'm Ben Clardy!

My goal is to help you grow your Real Estate business in a measurable way!

Here's ONE HUGE WAY that I can help you:

I can send you my personal set of 7 Real Estate investing contracts that has taken 15 years, 300 closings, and more than $10,000 to develop.

Here are the benefits:

- 18% more accepted offers (this is HUGE)
- Freedom to invest locally or remotely
- Close more deals with greater predictability
- Boost your profit margins
- Gain enhanced liability protection
- Manage flips, rentals & wholesale deals

- Add tremendous flexibility to your business
- Always maintain strict control of your deals
- and that's just scratching the surface!

I've personally used these contracts to buy, sell, rent, flip, and wholesale over 300 houses. Beyond that, they've been downloaded and put to the test by tens-of-thousands of other investors all over the world!

There's no faster, simpler, or cheaper way to DRASTICALLY ENHANCE your Real Estate investing business than to upgrade to this set of purpose-built contracts!

What's Your Niche?

Flips? Rentals? Wholesaling?

This 7 Contract Package Has You Covered!


The Purchase & Sale Agreement + Assignment COMBO is what’s needed to put deeply discounted houses under contract and transfer them to another investor in exchange for a big honkin’ assignment fee. When you want to Double-Close, the included special version of the PSA gives you that unique ability!


Buy rental properties using The Purchase & Sale Agreement then place a qualified tenant with The Master Lease Agreement. This outstanding contract combo helps Landlords in BOTH the buying & renting stages of the process AND they might just save your assets!


House flippers rave about how the simplicity of The Purchase & Sale Agreement helps them consistently keep their pipeline full by getting up to 18% more offers accepted. The included Invoice provides a convenient way to compensate deal-finders, business partners, bird-dogs, contractors and other people who help get deals done.

Special Uses

Control Real Estate without obligation! Modify the price and terms of an active Purchase & Sale Agreement! Kinda sounds like cheating doesn’t it? The Option Contract and Amendment give you these powerful abilities and they add TREMENDOUS flexibility to your arsenal of Real Estate contracts!

Want em?
Take em!


THOUSANDS of downloads

ZERO Complaints

(except for that one guy who got a papercut... rest up, buddy!)

These contracts are for you, if:

You want 18% more accepted offers

You worry about losing your earnest money

You're tired of having your deals fall apart

You don't trust your current contracts

Your contracts weren't built for YOUR NEEDS

Out with the old... in with the new !

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! People are actively using these in all 50 US states AND in more than 144 different countries! Despite this, it’s always recommended that you have your Attorney approve the contracts before putting them to use just to be 100% certain that they’re good-to-go.

You certainly can! Each contract comes in both PDF and ODT versions. You can easily use Open Office or Word to personalize the contracts any way that you see fit! Even though they can be used just as they are, you should feel free to modify and personalize them to best suit your own individual needs.

I’d be happy to! When you checkout you’ll have the option of adding on a video course where I’ll go through each contract line-by-line with detailed explanations so that you are fully prepared to get the most out of your new contract package!

Don't see your question here? FEAR NOT!

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll get you sorted!


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